The Animated Patient™ series has reached 30 million learners in the US & Worldwide

Empowering Patients with Animations & Visual Learning

  • Animations and visual pathways of learning address basic fundamental concepts for patients.
  • Visuals for animations, slideshows, infographics are supported with evidence-based text.
  • Videos with experts speaking at a level patients can understand, addressing common, frequently asked questions, supplement infographics and slides and animations.
  • Outcomes measurement is the guiding principle for every program and results are published as abstracts at major conferences like ASCO, DDW and ASH.
  • Multidisciplinary experts approve all patient education content and verify scientific accuracy and participate in videos with other experts and patients suffering from the disease area of focus for the Foundation.

Providing Outcomes Based Patient Learning

The Animated Patient™ series provides unique outcomes measurement publications on every program, which can demonstrate return on investment. Examples of Publications:

Animated Patient™ Series: e-Learning modules

Selected examples from the Animated Patient™ series to date has extensively covered the science behind medical topics in the following therapeutic areas:

Foundation Benefits

Through the Animated Patient™ series, Foundations enjoy access to a completely unique learning experience, which is highly visual in nature

  • Animations on your disease are - understanding, diagnosis, treatment
  • Physician to patient video vignettes, answering frequently asked questions
  • Patient to patient video vignettes, relating personal stories, expertly moderated
  • Slide shows and infographics for patient downloads and sharing on social
  • Individual learning modules, training for volunteers with certificates of completion
  • A standalone branded website which monitors feedback for Outcomes Measurement

A Unique Approach to Patient Education

Modern medicine is patient centric

  • Physician management of disease is no longer decided in isolation of patient understanding and involvement as in the past.
  • The challenge is that healthcare providers are not equipped to educate patients on their disease because the major have serious barriers of health literacy which impact their ability to be involved in shared decision-making.
  • By assembling highly visual, animated online learning programs, we can overcome patient gaps in understanding of function and dysfunction.
  • The Animated Patient™ series provides multiple easy to understand learning modules for patients, leading to better patient outcomes which are tracked and recorded.
  • The Animated Patient™ series is available for both web and in-person learning formats, encompassing the latest principles of adult learning.

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